Morgan Creek Digital co-founder Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano called bitcoin an apex predator in the financial markets and said investors are turning to the crypto-asset as a safe haven. 

Speaking in a recent interview with CNBC, Pomp called bitcoin the best possible asset for large companies looking to manage their treasuries. Pomp noted the crypto-asset was capable of generating a sizeable return while also serving as a safe haven against the traditional financial markets. 

He said:

Listen, Bitcoin is the apex predator of financial markets. You’ve got digital sound money that’s grown at a compound annual growth rate of 200% for a decade. And if you’re sitting there and you manage a treasury, you’ve got cash on your balance sheet, you tell me where else you’re going to put it where you can get that type of growth.

Pomp went on to call traditional stocks a manipulated market compared to crypto-assets. He argued the federal Reserve was purposely stimulating traditional financial markets with taxpayer-funded stimulus packages in order to keep the bull-run going. 

He continued:

We have a Federal Reserve and elected officials who have outlawed bear markets. If you’re in the stock market and the market starts to correct, they step in and just pump liquidity into the market. This is insane.

Pomp said investors were turning to bitcoin in droves in order to participate in an “unmanipulated, transparent, programmatic asset.”

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