Exactly five weeks after complimenting Justin Sun on how well the TRON platform works, American actress Lindsay Lohan announced that she will soon be launching a new non-fungible token (NFT) on an upcoming TRON-powered marketplace.

The first time that we saw Lohan talk about TRON on Twitter was on February 11:

Lolan had first talked about NFTs on Twitter a day earlier (i.e. on February 10), when she promoted an her first NFT artwork (sold for 33 WETH on February 11) on popular Ethereum-powered NFT marketplace Rarible.

Well, yesterday (March 18), Lohan took to Twitter again to announce that she and Sun, who is the Founder and CEO of TRON Foundation, would talk on voice-based social network Clubhouse at 10:30 PST on March 18 (i.e. 05:30 UTC on March 19) about her upcoming NFT drop on a new TRON-powered NFT marketplace.

Interestingly, Lohan is not the only major celebrity who is interested in launching NFTs on TRON. On Wednesday (March 17), Paris Hilton, who minted her first NFT last year, told the TRON CEO to be ready to handle the launch of her upcoming NFTs.