A researcher going by Varun has published his analysis of a little-known Twitter account he believes may have belonged to Bitcoin’s creator Satoshi Nakamoto, based on its tweets hinting about bitcoin and its active period.

The researcher published its findings on Substack, as Bitcoin.com reports, and revealed the Twitter account ‘Goldlover’ (@fafcffacfff) was very active at about the same time bitcoin was released, and stopped being active shortly before Satoshi Nakamoto left the cryptocurrency community for good.

The account was created back in May 2008 and mentioned gold quite often. Per Varun, the account could be mentioning gold while referring to “Bit Gold,” a 2005 proposal from Nick Szabo for a financial system using cryptography and mining to be decentralized. Szabo’s proposed financial system is close to Bitcoin.

Per Varun, the account “made a reference to Digital Gold Currency” In September 2008, in “between an incredible amount of nonsensical tweets about gold.” Often, the account would tweet about decentralization, the financial crisis, people losing their homes, and would criticize fiat currency and the Financial Reserve.

These, Varun pointed out, are “all hallmarks of talking points used by Satoshi in his emails and forum posts which are well known, post-Bitcoin announcement. Varun pointed out it could belong to Satoshi Nakamoto as “no other Twitter accounts” mentioned bitcoin back in January 2009, aside for the account belonging to Hal Finney. Finney received the first-ever bitcoin transaction from Satoshi Nakamoto,  and tweeted “running bitcoin” back on January 11, 2009.  Goldlover, two days later, tweeted about Satoshi Nakamoto.

Shortly after, the account tweeted “it’s completely decentralized with no server or trusted parties,” presumably referring to the flagship cryptocurrency bitcoin. Ever since Varun published his research, users have been interacting with Goldlover’s tweets.

The researcher pointed out that the cryptic account was the second one to ever tweet about bitcoin, after Hal Finney. It also pointed out that it refutes theories of Hal being Satoshi, as it would make no sense to tweet from such a little-known account.

One of Goldlover’s most cryptic tweets had led to some speculation, reinforcing a theory suggesting Satoshi Nakamoto left clues to access his bitcoin fortune.

The tweet could by some be seen as a clue as to how to access Satoshi Nakamoto’s thousands of BTC mined from the early days of the cryptocurrency’s existence.

Featured image via Pixabay.