Popular crypto trader Ben Armstrong has given his top seven altcoin picks that have the potential to go exponential in 2021. 

Speaking in a recent video, Armstrong, who goes by the pseudonym BitBoy Crypto, told his 205,000 subscribers that Ethereum-based Basic Attention Token (BAT) has significant growth potential in the coming year. Armstrong highlighted the project’s combination of product function and utility as an influence on the coin’s price. 

He said, 

When it comes to utility, no project gets more usage than BAT. This is the token of the most used product in cryptocurrency, the Brave browser. Millions of users. Users are stacking up so fast, they actually suspended their referral program.

BitBoy Crypto pointed to VeChain as another project for investors to watch. He called the project’s scope “huge” and was bullish on the coin’s small circulating supply of 10 million VET. 

He continued, 

I believe the utility of VeChain is huge. I fully expect supply chain tracking to be the most used niche in blockchain over the next year. It is going to be humongous.

Armstrong said no other project was equipped to handle supply chain tracking to the same scale as VeChain and called the platform a “dominant force.”

Armstrong was also bullish on Dash as a form of digital payment. He said the currency provided a fast and efficient payment solution while providing users with a private send feature. The crypto trader pointed to Dash’s adoption in Venezuela as a potential indicator of its broader utility. 

In addition, Armstrong tabbed Cosmos (ATOM), Band Protocol (BAND), Elrond (EGLD) and Sandbox (SAND) as other altcoins with the potential to experience an exponential price increase in 2021. 

Featured Image Credit: Photo via Pixabay.com