Zeus Capital has furthered its campaign against exposing Chainlink as a supposed scam by offering a $100,000 reward for information on the project’s alleged “manipulative and illicit practices.”

In a tweet published November 12, Zeus Capital renewed its feud with Chainlink by offering a reward for dirt on the project and its founders. The tweet linked to a report published in July titled, “The Chainlink Fraud Exposed,” which argued the project was largely designed as a pump and dump scheme.

Zeus announced its $100,000 reward program for the “provision of information on Chainlink’s Manipulative and Illicit Practices,” and asked for the participation of community members. 

The asset management firm also revealed it was preparing a class action lawsuit against Chainlink, accusing the project of alleged fraud and spreading misleading information about the nature and authenticity of its partnerships. 

Zeus claims to be working with a group of institutional investors and victims of fraud. The firm also accused Chainlink of creating a network of sponsored social media accounts to participate in “outright market manipulations,” in addition to engaging in the sale of LINK tokens exhibiting security-type features. 

Earlier in the week Zeus warned investors that Chainlink had increased it sale from one million LINK per month to one million per week, speculating that the project may be in the midst of a new market development. 

Featured Image Credit: Photo via Pixabay.com