Crypto exchange Coinbase has announced that two new cryptoassets—Balancer (BAL) and Ren (REN)—are coming to Coinbase Pro, its trading platform for experienced/professional traders.

On Thursday (October 1), Coinbase published a blog post that said that, based on demand from their customers, recently, they had listed the following cryptoassets: Uniswap (UNI) (YFI)Loopring (LRC)UMA (UMA) Celo (CGLD)Numeraire (NMR)Band (BAND)Compound (COMP)Maker (MKR), and OmiseGo (OMG).

Well, on Thursday, Coinbase started accepting deposits of BAL and REN to Coinbase Pro. Assuming that liquidity conditions are met, trading om Coinbase Pro should start on/after 09:00 PT (Pacific Time) on 6 October 2020.

Here is how Coinbase describes these two cryptoassets:

Balancer (BAL) is an Ethereum token that powers the Balancer protocol, an automated market maker that lets anyone create or add liquidity to trading pools while earning customizable trading fees. Balancer pools can have up to 8 tokens and each token can be individually weighted within the pool, such that one token can make up as little as 2% of the total.”

Ren (REN) is an Ethereum token that powers Ren’s open protocol for transferring cryptocurrencies between blockchains. Ren aims to bring popular assets like Bitcoin and Zcash to blockchains including Ethereum, making it possible for these assets to participate in Ethereum’s decentralized finance ecosystem.”

As usual, it will probably be a few days/weeks before we see these two cryptoassets appear on the Coinbase Consumer website (i.e. or on the Coinbase mobile app for iOS and Android.