A miner or group of miners that were active in 2010 have started to move their funds across the Bitcoin blockchain while keeping privacy in mind, as another coinbase block reward of 50 BTC from November 2010 was moved.

The movement, first spotted by Bitcoin.com, marks the third time bitcoins mined in the so-called “Satoshi era” were moved this year. The term “Satoshi era” refers to the period in which Bitcoin’s pseudonymous creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, was still active in the community. Satoshi left the crypto space in December 2010.

The first movement of Satoshi Era bitcoins this year saw a total of 21 previously unspent block rewards move ahead of the so-called Crypto Black Thursday, a day in which the price of bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies lunged as top U.S. equity indexes entered bear market territory. That first movement involved the transfer of 1,050 BTC, alongside the corresponding Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin SV (BSV).

Earlier this month, as CryptoGlobe reported, another 1,050 BTC worth over $11.8 million mined back in 2010 were moved again. Part of funds, 9.99 BTC, were donated to the Free Software Foundation (FSF), while another 9.,99 went to the  American Institute for Economic Research (AIER).

That movement of Satoshi-era bitcoins also included the movement of the corresponding BCH, while the BSV did not move. This latest movement of 50 BTC from November 2010 did not see the corresponding BCH and BSV move.

The funds, worth over $550,000, were moved to three different wallets.

Source: Blockchain.com

It’s unclear whether any of the bitcoin mined in 2010 that moved this year has moved to cryptocurrency exchanges, or if there’s more than one entity behind the movements. The moved funds are from late 2010, a period in which there were a significant amount of miners in the Bitcoin network. The first mining pool, Slush Pool, was launched in November 2010.

Featured image via Unsplash.