Popular Twitter crypto analyst and contrarian investor CryptoWhale has told his 34,000 followers to bet on XRP in the event of market regulations. 

According to a tweet he published, CryptoWhale called XRP the only project in the entire market of cryptocurrency pushing for greater regulations.

The pseudonymous trader predicted that XRP’s demand would skyrocket following the addition of market regulations, leading the altcoin to “annihilate” competing assets. 

CryptoWhale continued, saying governments preferred the “transparency” of XRP and lauded the efforts of parent company Ripple for establishing real-world partnerships rather than chasing retail investors. 

The “contrarian investor” claimed to be an active investor in XRP since 2013 and planned on increasing their exposure following a correction in the bitcoin and altcoin market. 

In a series of tweets posted Monday, CryptoWhale detailed their reasoning for investing in XRP, including the project being “x1000” faster and cheaper than bitcoin.

Featured Image Credit: Photo via Pixabay.com