In just a few days, Dock will be introducing its mainnet with the aim to solve many of today’s issues with digital credentials. Scheduled for September 30, 2020, the mainnet launch is the culmination of years of collaboration, hard work, and testing that brings to the market a bespoke credential issuing and verification platform.

Dock was founded with a mission to solve many of the problems associated with existing data solutions, such as the removal of: data silos and gatekeepers, untrusted and inaccurate information, incompatibilities across platforms, inefficiencies with verifying data, and lack of control and privacy for users. Unfortunately, these issues are prevalent with individuals’ most important and cherished pieces of data. Documents such as passports, driver’s licenses, academic qualifications, professional accreditations, and medical records either are held in hard copy formats or exist in the data silos of the large organizations that created them. 

These archaic practices not only make them difficult to distribute, as the digital copies must be obtained from the issuer rather than them being controlled by the recipient, but they are also easy to forge and as a result, they must be manually validated to prove their authenticity which is both time-consuming and expensive.

The Dock Network issuers to create their own decentralized identities (DIDs) and to use these DIDs to issue credentials. Each credential contains the issuers’ identity and when presenting the credential its validity can be verified as it will contain the public key of the issuer. These identities are stored within the Dock blockchain.  This approach removes the time and cost associated with manual verification.

The mainnet is completely open-source and built based on industry-leading standards such as W3C’s Verifiable Credential Data Model (VCDM), providing a platform that is interoperable with any other utilizing the same standards.

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Any organizations looking to find out more about issuing on Dock network can get in touch at [email protected]

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