Bitcoin scammers are masquerading as local authorities in Canada in order to trick victims into paying back-taxes with crypto. 

According to a report by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), police in Regina, Saskatchewan has issued a public announcement related to a cryptocurrency scam. The new poster campaign warns locals of a bitcoin scheme involving scammers pretending to be government officials and police authorities. 

“Typically, the calls are received over the phone and the scammers will tell the victim that they are from the CIA or other government agencies and that their SIN number has been compromised.”

Victims are told to use one of the area’s bitcoin ATMs to send cryptocurrency to the scammers in order to avoid penalties. 

Sgt. Berting commented on the challenges for police to combat crimes involving crypto-assets. 

She said, 

“Bitcoin is really hard for us to trace. It’s not monitored or regulated the same way that other money is through our regular financial institutions. So it provides a bit of a roadblock for police in terms of carrying out a thorough investigation.”

Authorities have attempted to thwart potential victims by placing warning posters int the vicinity of bitcoin ATMs. 

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