Back in 2009 when the first news about the virtual cryptocurrencies emerged, few could predict the impact that Bitcoin will have on the world less than a decade after. Back then some guys paid thousands of BTC for several pizzas, because no one could predict the events that would unfold in the near future. Today Bitcoin is one of the safest assets in the world and it’s only rising in popularity and price. Back when the cryptocurrencies were relatively unknown to the population, the first Bitcoin Gambling Casinos started to emerge, because they recognized the undeniable benefits and advantages that came from the usage of virtual money.

The Rise of the Bitcoin Gambling

Around the year 2013, the first Bitcoin Gambling websites started to emerge and they brought the solution to all of the persisting issues of the existing online casinos. Before, there was always a problem when it came to the security, safety, privacy and speed of transactions. With the introduction of cryptocurrencies into the mix, players quickly become immune to the upper mentioned problems. The first problem that was eliminated was the lack of speed. Compared to the classic online casinos which operated through the banks and took days to complete the transactions to the account, Bitcoin Gambling offered blistering speeds. Both deposits and withdrawals on the BTC Gambling websites became instantaneous, completing in a matter of minutes.

Security and Anonymity through Bitcoin Gambling

Another thing that made BTC a gambling currency was the undeniable ability to keep players absolutely safe and secure from any type of financial or identity fraud. Because of the blockchain’s decentralized nature, it became impossible to breach the accounts of the players. Additionally, all players enjoyed the amazing characteristics of the anonymity that is also provided through Bitcoin Gambling. While playing online, nobody would be able to track your personal information. Be it a third-party organization, financial institutions or criminals.

Various Payment methods

Aside from the Bitcoin Gambling that entitles usage of BTC as the financial entity, there are also tons of other payment options that can be used in the crypto casinos. There are others like Ethereum, Monero, Litecoin, Tron and infinitely more cryptocurrencies that can be used to play online. All of them are very similar and offer the same advantages as the Bitcoin, plus add their own unique features into the mix. BTC is just the most popular option and it was the first ever cryptocurrency in the world.

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