’s official YouTube channel was terminated and then reinstated for “basically no reason,” according to the company’s founder Roger Ver. This saw  members of the crypto community question the video platform’s motives. 

According to a report by IBTimes on June 15, YouTube suspended and then unsuspended’s official account, citing an error in the decision-making process. 

Roger Ver, executive chairman of and a figurehead for bitcoin cash, said the team was notified on June 13 that their account had been terminated, for what he called “basically no reason.” appealed the termination within hours of receiving the news and the channel was reinstated on June 15. According to the report, YouTube said the channel was “terminated in error.”

Despite being reinstated, Ver claims the account was reported for copyright infringement shortly after coming back online, leading to consider alternative platforms for video sharing. 

He said, 

This is an ongoing headache to deal with, and makes us even more eager to support censorship resistant platforms like, and

Ver criticized YouTube for allowing an abundance of scams on its platform while seemingly targeting a legitimate account like 

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