On Monday, bitcoin’s price surpassed the $10,000 mark again, which is a psychological resistance level, and a point where the price was rejected in February following a 50% rally since the start of the year. The bulls haven’t come yet. A sell-off began on Tuesday and the price sharply declined from $10,182 to $9,416.

Despite the unprecedented price volatility seen in the past five months, “HODLing” sentiment has remained strong. Nearly 60% of bitcoin’s supply hasn’t changed hands in over a year, a sign that investors are likely holding expecting gains, according to Glassnode. At the press time, Bitcoin moved past $9,700 again.

How to Make Money when BTC’s Price Fluctuates Strongly?

According to the 1-day chart, BTC’s price hit the upper Bollinger band boundary. In general, when the price breaks out of the space between the bands, it suggests that volatility going up or down is incoming. If the band contours are not narrowing, the price will fluctuate within the Bollinger band. There is also a Head Fake at the upper Bollinger Band which may signal a downtrend movement.

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From the technical analysis above, we can predict that Bitcoin’s price is consolidating at around $9,300 – $9,800. Before Bitcoin surges above $10,000, we can profit from the fluctuations with BTC margin trading with 100x leverage.

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