Ethereum long positions on the cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex hit a new all-time high as ETH investors anticipate a bullish market ahead. 

According to a tweet by Brave New Coin contributor Josh Olszewicz, long positions for Ethereum reached a new all-time high on May 12, accounting for more than $308 million and nearly 1.4% of ETH’s circulating supply on the trading platform Bitfinex. The number of open contracts for ether was hovering around 1.62 million, more than three times the number of trading contracts present at the start of 2020. 

Despite ether’s price lagging behind bitcoin in the week leading up to Monday’s block reward halving, ETH traders appear to be optimistic about the coin’s outlook. 

Other analysts are predicting the price of the cryptocurrency could meet significant resistance, particularly in light of bitcoin’s failure to sustain a rally in the aftermath of the halving. Popular crypto Twitter uses TraderXO published a tweet on May 12 implying that ETH would find difficulty reaching $210. 

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