CEO Brendan Blumer says the current global macro environment has aligned to support the value proposition for cryptocurrency. 

Blumer, who operates the company behind EOS, said the stars have aligned to “highlight” the value of cryptocurrency in light of the ongoing shifts in the global economy. In a tweet published April 6, he told investors to “hold on to your seats” in preparation for the coming 24 months. 

Blumer responded to a tweet suggesting that bitcoin and altcoin prices could retest their mid-March lows as the economy and unemployment worsens in the coming weeks. The CEO said investors heavy on cash would be anxious to find the “least unattractive” opportunity. 

Former Goldman Sachs sales lead and market analyst Raoul Pal agreed with Blumer’s take on the future of cryptocurrency. In a recent interview, Pal predicted a “generational” changing economic crisis on the horizon and said he was allocating 25 percent of his portfolio into bitcoin for the next twelve months. 

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