An IT network engineer has created an interactive pellet feeder that allows users to feed sheep with crypto donations. 

Czech engineer Karel Böhm has set up an interactive feeder that converts cryptocurrency into pellets for his small flock of sheep. Users can make small donations in cryptocurrency which trigger the release of alfalfa pellets at his sheep farm, which is live-streamed via YouTube and Twitch. 

The mechanism operates on $0.50 – $0.60 donations in cryptocurrency via Twitch “bits” or direct crypto transfers using the QR code provided by Böhm’s live stream. The pellet converter currently accepts bitcoin, ether, bitcoin cash, litecoin and XRP in order to trigger the release of pellets. 

Böhm has also set up the system to be compatible with users of bitcoin’s lightning network. He told Decrypt the project began as a way to help his wife in caring for the eight Ouessant sheep they adopted. The project was originally designed for Iota’s “Internet of Things” network before a hack in February 2020 took the system offline. 

In addition to feeding sheep with pellets, users can earn “sheep points” by watching the live stream and participating in “raids” when the shed is cleaned. 

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