BitPay, a bitcoin payments service, enabling businesses to accept and process BTC, has just added XRP to its growing list of supported cryptocurrencies.

Thanks to the addition of XRP, BitPay has just opened up an entirely new stream of liquidity for the token. XRP now sits alongside market cap mammoths such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, in the list of cryptocurrencies currently supported by the crypto payments service. In turn, these major assets are transactable on a range of leading retailers.

BitPay cites partnerships with the likes of Amazon, Microsoft, NewEgg, and Burger King, all of which now accept XRP via gift card purchases.

Understandably, the news was well-received by a hoard of XRP fans.

Speaking on the advantages of adding XRP, Sean Rolland, BitPay’s director of product, lauded the token’s transactions speed and ability to scale:

Bitpay customers are leveraging the promise of blockchain payment technology and with XRP can offer a payment option that is fast, cost-effective and scalable. The addition of XRP as the next blockchain asset supported by Bitpay expands blockchain choices across the payments space

The addition of XRP support comes just a month after major stablecoins PAX, USDC, and GUSD were added to Bitpay’s roster, assets which Stephen Pair, BitPay’s CEO, stated would help to negate “costly, complicated cross-border wire transfers.”

Featured image from Pixabay.