The cryptocurrency space has been growing at a rapid pace, with the share of cryptocurrency jobs per million rising 1,457% in the last four years. Interest in these jobs, however, dropped.

A study conducted by job site Indeed found that in the past year, the share of cryptocurrency-related job posts per million rose 26%, while the share of searches per million for these jobs dropped by 53%.

Employer interest likely grew as more and more companies are entering the space. Facebook, for example, is planning to launch a cryptocurrency next year, while payments firm Square created Square Crypto, a crypto-focused division looking to improve the space.

employer demand vs search interestSource: Indeed

To get to its results Indeed analyzed millions of job postings on its platform. It found that the top hirers in the cryptocurrency space include Ernst & Young, Deloitte, IBM, Accenture, Cisco, Verizon, Circle, Kraken, Coinbase, Overstock, Signature Bank, and JP Morgan Chase.

Among the top hirers are big consulting firms, which are hiring people familiar with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to help advise clients. Companies like JP Morgan Chase and Signature Bank are on the top as they’ve launched their own blockchain-based payments solutions, namely Signets for Signature Bank and JPM Coin for JP Morgan.

The highest percentage of cryptocurrency jobs, Indeed details, are made up of software roles. Programmers to build decentralized applications and smart contracts are in high demand, which means languages like Java, Python, and JavaScript help candidates land jobs.

The job site noted the growing employer demand is likely to continue throughout next year as more and more firms invest in the cryptocurrency space.

Featured image via Unsplash.