Algo Affiliates, a world-leading marketing affiliate network specializing in crypto and forex, is looking to onboard partners and publishers for their technology-focused platform.

Do Affiliate Programs work?

A study into the prevalence of affiliate schemes conducted by Forrester Consulting found that a massive 81% of brands and 84% of publishers harness a referral marketing strategy.

Incredibly, over half of the publishers surveyed attributed 20% of their annual revenues to affiliate programs.

Further research by the national retail federation revealed that 38% of marketers cite affiliate schemes as the single best method to acquire new customers.

Given the apparent efficacy of the approach, it’s no surprise that affiliate programs have become a multi-billion dollar enterprise. Since 2015 a combined $26.7 billion has been spent on affiliate marketing in the US alone, with a further 6.82 billion estimated in 2020.

What is an Affiliate Network?

Coinbase, Trezor, and Ledger – to name a few – are among the significant crypto-based businesses offering an affiliate program. For companies, these programs act as a perfect means to draw in new customers with minimal drain on resources. For affiliates, schemes work as a good source of income, enabling go-getters to reap what they sow. However, for both, negotiating multiple affiliate programs can create an awkward juggling act. Networks, such as Algo Affiliates, negate this issue, providing a platform on which to organize each affiliate program and pair the client with the best offers.

Taking lessons learned from the decentralized space, Algo Affiliates has a global reach connected to over 150 prominent multilingual brokers, in 25 countries worldwide. Moreover, the company cites over 200 multilingual offers, inclusive of high-converting mobile-friendly landing pages, with comprehensive creatives tailored for every type of traffic.

Algo’s Patented Algorithms

Combining a wealth of experience with their partiality towards technology, Algo-affiliates is a perfect fit within the fintech industry. Specializing in both crypto and forex affiliate schemes, Algo optimizes offers for customers worldwide in order to achieve a high level of efficacy.

Offers are connected to an automated trading system, with a fully serviced email and SMS conversion funnel optimized to convert prospective customers effectively. On top of this, Algo’s in-house smart algorithms ensure that offers are suitable for the incoming traffic, country of origin, and broker.

Algo Affiliates explains how these patented algorithms work to secure a result for their customers:

One of the keys to our success and our partners’ success is our proprietary, self-optimizing technology that makes sure the perfect offer reaches the optimal audience at the best time.

Catered for All

While Algo Affiliates places the utmost importance on their publisher’s satisfaction. They also pride themselves on supporting the growth of their promotors, prioritizing on-time payments, and ensuring that affiliates aren’t forever having to chase up rewards. The platform offers 24/7 support is provided, enabling peace of mind, ready to answer all queries.

Multiple settlement deals mean that including Revenue Share, Hybrid Deals, Referring Affiliates deals, and cost-per-acquisitions (CPA) deals. A CPA deal is an especially popular option, whereby the referring participants receive a one-off fee for every client referred to the affiliated merchant – the more clients converted, the more lucrative the CPA.

Affiliate marketing has become a strong contender to traditional advertising methods. The approach continues to prove its benefits time and time again, providing an efficient means of outreach and a valuable source of income for both publisher and affiliate.