Igor Musatov, a former Russian professional ice hockey player, has been arrested in Moscow accused of defrauding the chief executive of an IT company out of 45 million roubles ($800,000).

According to a report on Russian website Sport-Express, Musatov met last year with a cryptocurrency investor and agreed to sell him bitcoins worth $800,000. 

Incomplete Transaction

The transaction was to take place in offices owned by Musatov, but when the victim arrived the hockey player was not there. Instead the victim was met by one of Musatov’s assistants. The businessman handed the cash to this assistant, who then allegedly fled the building.

The transaction was never completed despite the victim’s attempts to contact Musatov, and the athlete and his accomplices allegedly made off with the cash.

Musatov has denied the allegations and said he was “ready to present to the investigation all the facts of my innocence”.

Feautred image via pxhere.com.