Faucets have become a fun and unique way for the cryptocurrency industry to disseminate coins over the years. In this article we’re looking at the best Ethereum faucets that’ll help you start earning ETH as soon as possible. 

While faucets rarely offer large payouts, they do provide users with a method for obtaining crypto-assets immediately and without having to purchase them through exchanges. Using ether, you’ll be able to both have access to a plethora of decentralized applications on the Ethereum network, as well as to decentralized exchanges.


Ethereum-faucet.org allows users to earn ether in exchange for solving captchas or participating in games. The platform has a steep 240-minute timer between claims, but the platform has been one of the more consistent Ethereum faucets, paying out more than $6,000 in free ETH since its inception on over 6 million claims. Users also obtain a lottery ticket every time they make a claim, which can be cashed in for the daily lottery and the potential to win between 0.005 and 0.015 ETH.

Claim Free Coins 

ClaimFreeCoins is a multiple cryptoasset platform that allows for users to claim ether. Similar to Etherum-Faucet, the website employs a captcha solving algorithm for obtaining ETH. The timer is set to five minutes between claims, with a referral bonus for users worth 50 percent. Payments can be made directly to a user’s faucethub microwallet. 

Speedup Faucet

Speedup-Faucet allows users to start earning ether by solving media like captchas or playing web-based games. The timer is set to 10 minutes between claims, with users able to earn more than 3400 gwei per claim. In addition, the platform allows for the direct depositing of ETH into an ether wallet and provides a modest referral bonus of 10%. Each week, the top 10 claimers are awarded a fixed percentage of the total claims, providing users incentive to stick with the faucet. 


Allcoins is another mutl-cryptoasset faucet that allows for users to claim ether. The timer is set to four minutes between claims, with users given the option to solve captchas or other media, play games or directly mine for ETH through a provided web-browser. While browser-based mining is less efficient than traditional crypto mining with proper hardware, it does allow users to adjust their settings to perform in the background while doing other tasks. 


FireFaucet provides an intuitive UI for users to access multiple cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum. The faucet has a timer of 30 minutes between claims and users earn ether by completing captchas, solving media or engaging in browser mining. In addition, users can leverage referrals to obtain an additional 20% on payment in this Ethereum faucet. 

Approaching Faucets

First and foremost, faucets are not an efficient way to accumulate significant amounts of crypto. Instead, they provide users a method for instantly obtaining tokens without going through the hurdle of signing up and purchasing via exchanges. When choosing a faucet, focus on platforms that provide the best time to payout ratio and always check how the funds are distributed before proceeding. 

Various prominent members in the cryptocurrency community have said they started earning their first tokens – often their first bitcoin – using a faucet as the promise of “free money” initially lured them into the space. While faucets do give away free money, it’s hard to actually earn large amounts through them.

Instead, these Ethereum faucets can be used as a way to help enter the Ethereum ecosystem and start experimenting with ERC-20 tokens, decentralized applications, and more.

Featured Image Credit: Photo via Pexels.com