Now Brave Browser Allows Twitter Tipping With Basic Attention Token (BAT)

Siamak Masnavi

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On Thursday (August 1), Brave Software, the maker of Brave browser, announced that the latest version of its desktop browser supports Twitter tipping using Basic Attention Token (BAT).

Here is how Brave Software announced the news on Twitter:

Version 67.123 of the Brave desktop browser allows you to reward/tip your favorite Twitter users with the cryptocurrency Basic Attention Token (BAT). 

When a user goes to the Twitter website with the Brave desktop browser, if they have enbaled Brave Rewards, they should see a "Tip" button now on each tweet. If they click on this button, they will be able to send some amount of BAT directly to the person who posted that tweet. 

Brave users who have turned on Brave Rewards can earn BAT by "viewing privacy-preserving Brave Ads, or can purchase BAT and load them into their Brave Rewards wallet." 

To promote this new feature, Brave will allocate "100,000 BAT grants (each grant is the BAT equivalent of approximately $1) to our desktop users in regions not currently receiving Brave Ads." Users can receive grants by clicling on "accept" in Brave Rewards.

Brave's blog post says it is also possible to send "recurring tips" to a creator by "selecting the option to make the initial tip a monthly occurrence." Those content creators already verified via the Brave Creator program will see tips in their Brave Rewards account within several minutes; these recurring tips will arrive the first week of every month.

Furthermore, users are able to "share a tweet with the creator to let them know about the tip once they’ve tipped them". If a content creator has not yet verified with Brave's Creator program, any tip sent to them will be stored locally in the browser until they have verified, but they need to do so within 90 days; otherwise, the tip stays in the user's Brave Rewards wallet.

Currently, there are around 60,000 verified creators in the Brave Rewards program. In the future, Brave browser users will also be able to tip with BAT on Reddit, GitHub, and Vimeo.

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