International music company ISINA, a working platform to cultivate & promote artists, announced its integration to blockchain. That makes ISINA the world’s first decentralized global online talent search and development platform based on the blockchain technology.

According to the company, the platform’s update started in January 2019. The launch of ISINA 2.0 is planned for September 2019. The new educational season, ISINA Academy, is scheduled for launch in 2020.

At its core, ISINA is a worldwide talent search and development platform for a broad spectrum of musical artists. Since it’s launch in 2013, ISINA’s popularity has grown to incorporate more than dozen of countries and continues to expand. The creators goal for the project is to, “Promote artists, regardless of their place of residence and social status”. 

Every ISINA applicants will have the opportunity to receive an all expenses paid, 6-week academy course in Hollywood, with mentorship from famous musicians and have their work heard on a global scale.

Company reported that more than 30,000 members have registered and over 15,000 tracks have been uploaded to the platform since the service debuted and is growing rapidly.

Since 2015, two academy courses called “ARRIVAL” have been completed, with mentorship from established producers, musicians and composers. Since 2015, ISINA produced it’s first and second season of a reality show documenting the lives and education of applicants during their training in Hollywood. To date, over 50 artists have graduated from the ISINA Academy and have established themselves in the music industry.

Presently, the service is transitioning to ISINA 2.0 blockchain. A team of experts in the field have been developing its integration since January 2019. Based on their research, establishing the platform on decentralized system of the blockchain, resolves current issues involving fraud and scandal among competition based talent programming and creates trust and security in regards to artist ratings and fair voting practices. A growing problem which up until now, has a concrete solutions with its integration in blockchain.

The new service will eliminate doubts about the possibility of falsifying results. The upgraded platform is decentralized and independent of external factors. Using blockchain, the database is not stored by an external control that can manipulate results. This gives users the ability to see transactions and guarantees protection  against data hacking. Each member of the network becomes a peer in the overall system. If one of the users tries to tamper with information that is stored in the system, the network will reject the attempt.

The team’s ambitious plan to implement fair voting will be based on the Ethereum blockchain platform. Two smart contracts will be created on its basis: the ISINA token and the ISINA Vote. ISINA tokens will be the local currency on the platform. It will be used to pay for downloading music on the site. ISINA Vote tokens will be used only during voting.

To efficiently and effectively identify users during voting, ISINA engineers announced the use of the ultramodern 3D facial recognition method. The blockchain system serves to encrypt the data in a unique public address, which assigned to the participant. Attempting to re-register using the same address is impossible, which guarantees the integrity and reliability of the process.

ISINA have announced a list of team members, for the past and future ARRIVAL of Mentorship programs that include highly accomplished and well respected professionals from the global music and entertainment industry:

Oleg Shmelev (Founder & Executive Producer) – Entrepreneur and music producer.

Walter Afanasieff (Co-founder & President & Head of the Composers’ Department) – musician, composer, producer, two-time Grammy Award winner, known for his work with Mariah Carey, Barbra Streisand, Christina Aguilera, Ricky Martin etc.

John Schneider (CEO) – film, television and multimedia producer and artists manager. He took on the position of personal manager for comedian and actor Rob Schneider and subsequently managed the rock bank, Head On. Served as a movie and talk show producer. He is the personal manager of actor Tom Green and creative consultant of Fred Durst the Limp Bizkit frontman.

Betsy Hammer (Head of the Department of Reviewers) – singer, songwriter, vocal coach and musical producer.

Humberto Gatica (Head of the Department of Music Producers and Engineers) – 16-time Grammy Award winner and longtime collaborator with music producer David Foster. Worked alongside artists such as, Cher, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, etc. (First & Second ARRIVAL of Mentorship Program)

Paul Oakenfold (Head of the Department of DJs) – music producer and DJ, 3-time Grammy Award nominee. (First & Second ARRIVAL of Mentorship Program)

Kenny G (Head of the Department of Instrumentalists) – saxophonist, Grammy Award and Soul Train winner. (First & Second ARRIVAL of Mentorship Program)

Mark Dollar (Head of Label, Europe) – composer, executive producer. Received many gold & platinum industry awards.

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