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Developing the technology to deal with innovations such as cryptocurrency is unlike anything we’ve seen before. It’s a task-heavy and labour intensive process to engineer the infrastructure to cope with blockchain-based currencies.

If you are involved in a business featuring one aspect of cryptocurrency buying, selling, or storing, it might be appealing to offer more services. But it might not be possible right now because of how difficult it can be to develop the necessary platforms to expand your services.

It turns out that you don’t actually need to engineer the systems yourself, and you can offer more features without spending the time, energy, and capital building them.

With Coindirect Business, you can integrate your services with a simple plug-and-play system, allowing you to provide your customers with more options and more support with none of the headaches involved.

Why do I want to add more cryptocurrency features?

You might wonder why you want people to sell cryptocurrency when offering the “buy Bitcoin” service is much more popular.

You provide better support

Tim might want to buy Bitcoin right now, but he’s also interested in a company where he can sell it just as easily when it hits a certain value. If we come down to it, Tim really just wants a place where he can deal with all of his cryptocurrency-related transactions without any real hassle. What he wants is to buy, store, send, and sell his Bitcoin in one tab.

And you can offer it to him.

With no engineering needed.

You reach new customers

When you expand the services you offer, you also expand your customer base. Simple on and off-ramps can make a world of difference to your customer reach. Literally.

With different options available, your patronage will grow on a global scale. The benefit of internet-based currencies means the financial world is at your customer’s fingertips. With the right services, it can be your platform they stay on.

Simply put, “the more, the merrier” is not just a fun saying. Offering more services to your platform will bring merriment to your customers, and customers to your business.

Add cryptocurrency support to your platform

The main features for which HOLDers, casual traders, and investors are looking are those which allow them to buy, sell, and keep their cryptocurrency.

Let your customers buy cryptocurrency safely

Adding an on-ramp to your platform allows your customers to purchase cryptocurrencies using a number of different payment methods.

Integrating with Coindirect Business, you can accept fiat and offer your customers to buy cryptocurrency using:

  1. Credit cards,
  2. Bank transfers, and
  3. Mobile money.

Let your customer sell cryptocurrency

If you’ve kept an eye on Bitcoin over the past few months, you’ll know that it’s value has shot up substantially. As it stands, some traders are holding to see how much higher it will go.

Others are looking to see how they can sell the tidy profits they made on the amount they bought when it was at a $3500 low.

Your customers are looking to sell Bitcoin. They gain a neat sum of cash for their well-timed investment and you earn yourself some happy customers. It’s a win-win situation.

Let your customer store cryptocurrency

Finding the right Bitcoin wallet can be a nightmarish task for an individual who is not crypto-savvy. Odds are, most users who are not traders by profession would much rather keep their Bitcoin at the same place they had bought it. If you already offer buy-and-sell features, providing wallet services seems the next step to securing more traffic.