On Tuesday (June 25), the day that TRON Foundation celebrates its Independence Day (since 25 June 2018 was the date that the TRON mainnet was launched and the genesis block was created), Justin Sun, its founder and CEO, summarized TRON’s main achievements in the past year.

Here are some of the key highlights:

  • TRON Foundation started with an initial team of 10 people. Currently, it employs around 400 people around the world, and this number is expected to increase to 600 by the end of 2019.
  • The TRON development team has done 22 updates of the TRON protocol (“more Github code commits than Ethereum and EOS combined”).
  • TRON has 3.1 million mainnet addresses and handles an average of 1.5 million transactions per day, which means that “TRON has caught up with Ethereum’s daily cumulative transactions in just 1 year.” In fact, according to Etherscan, Ethereum’s record for highest total number of number of transactions in one day is 1,349,890 transactions, and this happened on 4 January 2018.
  • The decentralized app (DApp) ecosystem is doing well, with over 500 DApps (“of which 43.73% are active”), 50,000 daily active users, and a daily transaction volume averaging around $20 million.
  • Earlier this month, TRON officially launched the testnet for its scalability solution, the Sun Network. One of the projects that is part of this initiative is DAppChain, which is “a side chain scaling project designed for TRON’s smart contracts, which aims to enable DApps to run with extremely low Energy consumption, high security, high efficiency through customized methods on the chain.”
  • TRON is supported by 110 digital asset exchanges and 33 wallets. 
  • The team behind the Opera browser announced on May 15 their intention to “soon support TRON’s TRX and other TRC-standard tokens.” Adding support for TRON tokens within Opera’s Crypto Wallet “will allow hundreds of millions of Opera users to play TRON games and access TRON dApps within the browser.”
  • On March 4, Tether announced that was partnering with the TRON Foundation to launch the USDT stablecoin as a TRC-20 token. This launch happened on April  16 (PDT).
  • TRON acquired BitTorrent (and all of its products) on 20 July 2018, as a result of which TRON “became the largest decentralized internet ecosystem in the world.”
  • The BitTorrent (BTT) token sale took place on January 28 on Binance Launchpad. Since then, it has been “listed on over 50 exchanges around the world, and airdropped to TRON holders globally.”
  • BitTorrent File System (BTFS) was announced on May 30; “the BTFS Mainnet is set to launch in Q3, and will have TRON Mainnet support by the end of the year.”
  • The beta version of BitTorrent Speed, which calls itself “The largest blockchain application, powered by BitTorrent (BTT)”, is being launched in one week, with the official launch expected to take place sometime in Q3 2019.

Featured Image Credit: Photo via Pexels.com