15 Great Ways for Absolute Beginners to Learn About Bitcoin (BTC)

Siamak Masnavi

Imagine you have a colleague, friend, or relative who knows very little about economics, money, or cryptocurrencies, and this person wants to learn more Bitcoin (BTC). This article looks at five great ways that an absolute newcomer to crypto could start learning about Bitcoin.

Before we start, it is worth giving acknowledgement to Bitcoin advocate Matt Odell (@matt_odell on Twitter), the co-host of the weekly "Rabbit Hole Recap" segment on the "Tales From the Crypt" podcast, who provided the inspiration for this article by sending out a tweet on May 24 that asked his followers what would be the first link you would send an absolute Bitcoin beginner who asked for material to help him/her understand Bitcoin.

Also, highly deserving of mention is Casa CTO Jameson Lopp, whose wonderful and painstakingly compiled and maintained "Bitcoin Information & Resources" portal is a treasure chest of links to resources (of varying levels of difficulty) for understanding Bitcoin.

1. Articles and Blog Posts

2. Books

3. Podcasts

4. Video Presentations

5. Online Courses

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Rng Security Camera Hackers Start Demanding Bitcoin Payments From Victims

The owners of a Ring doorbell security camera in Texas have been targeted by a bitcoin extortion attempt, which they managed to thwart simply by removing the device’s batteries to shut it off. The case, nevertheless, shows Ring security camera hackers are now demanding cryptocurrency payments.

According to a report published by WFAA, spotted by Gizmodo, 28-year-old Tania Amador revealed her Ring security system was hacked by hackers looking to cash in on their access to the device, by demanding a ransom of 50 bitcoin, equivalent to around $360,000.

Speaking to WFAA Amador stated:

I was asleep and our Ring alarm was going off like an intruder had entered our home. Then we heard a voice coming from our camera.

The voice initially started claiming to be from Ring’s support team, notifying the homeowner her account had been terminated by a hacker. It soon added that if the didn’t pay the 50 bitcoin ransom, she would be terminated as well.

The situation appeared to turn worse for Amador and her partners, as the hackers managed to make it look like they were just outside her door after compromising the security camera, adding to the pressure of the situation. Their response was to reach the device and remove its batteries.

Without their batteries, the hijacked cameras simply went off and the bitcoin extortion attempt ended. Ring has notably been at the center of a controversy after various reports pf its doorbell cameras being hacked started emerging. A report by Motherboard showed that on hacking forums, software used to hack these devices is being sold for as little as $6.

This type of software is often sold on the dark web, where vendors even list Black Friday deals to appeal to their customers. Speaking to WFAA, a home security firm claimed that these security breaches were a result of third-party data breaches that include Ring account details, and not a security flaw within Ring’s security system itself.

Featured image via Unsplash.