The Suzano massacre in Brazil, in which two armed shooters aged 17 and 26 killed over 10 people before committing suicide, was seemingly orchestrated in a dark web forum created by a cryptocurrency user who forked Litecoin to create BolsoCoin.

According to Brazilian news outlets Luíz Henrique de Castro, 26, and Guilherme Taucci Monteiro, 17, were behind the massacre, and were seemingly motivated by a forum on the dark web called Dogolachan.

In the far-right extremist forum, users often share antisemitic content. Its current administrator, who goes by DPR, helped the two shooters plan the attack by giving them hints. While DPR’s identity isn’t known, it’s known the person who created Dogolachan is neonazi Marcelo Valle Silveira – a cryptocurrency enthusiast.

Silveira has been arrested for inciting attacks against migrants, and for defending violence and theft against women. In the cryptocurrency space, he’s known for forking Litecoin to create BolsoCoin, an openly “neo-nazi cryptocurrency” inspired by Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro.

BolsoCoin Created for Dark Web Forum Use

The cryptocurrency, according to a Bitcointalk thread, was specifically created to be used on “alt-right anonymous imageboards” like Dogolochan, to be exchanged for services like finding out an internet user’s real identity and personal information (doxxing), and calling paramilitary law-enforcement agencies on someone by reporting a false crime (swatting).

The thread reads:

Bolsocoin aims to be the first alt-right brazilian community crypto-currency. It´s currently being used on brazilian alt-right anonymous imageboards in exchange for doxxing and swating. It´s name comes from Jair Bolsonaro, a brazilian Trump-like politics.

Silveira has notably planned crimes similar to the Brazilian massacre the world recently witnessed, and has threatened to plant bombs in local universities. While he is in prison, Dogolachain is still active.

In it, the massacre is seen as an act of heroism, and both shooters are treated as heroes. In the past Wellington Menezes de Oliveira, a criminal who shot 12 children before committing suicide, was also treated as a hero. His attack was coordinated through the forum, according to Criptomoedas Fácil.

Dogolachan’s Influence in the Massacre

The recent Brazilian massacre was influenced by the deep web imageboard, Dogolachan, as the shooters asked forum users for tips and pointers on how to proceed with it. In a recently revealed post, they thank the administrator, DPR, for guidance.

The attackers thank DPR for guidance

The post reads (roughly translated):

Thank you very much for your advice and guidelines. We hope from the bottom of our hearts we won’t commit this act in vain (…) We were born losers, but we’ll go out like heroes (…) We are amazed by the quality, worthy of Hollywood movies. Unfortunately there are no places to test and everything will happen naturally (…) Stay with God, my mentor.

They further revealed that at least three days before the massacre, they would post a signal that would involve lyrics to a well-known song in the forum. DPR himself detailed he helped both shooters obtain weapons, and described one of them as a “good kid who found out in the worst possible way games can become real nightmares.”

Hiding Evidence

Shortly after the attack occurred, it started making headlines throughout the world. Dogolachan’s administrator, aware investigators would eventually end up on the forum, revealed he was going to start destroying and hiding evidence.

In another post a user named sanctvs posted a picture of one of the shooters and wrote that “they found the profile of one of the heroes.” In a subsequent post, he revealed he was going to change the address of the hidden forum in an attempt to stop investigators from finding it.

Dogolachan user reveals he'll try to hide evidence

DPR himself, according to local news outlets, changed the URL of or deleted threads in which he helped the shooters obtain weapons and plan the attack. The administrator has also revealed he will never reveal any details on his conversations with the attackers, nor is he going to “reveal what he knows.”