Go-Ahead Group Plc, a major public transport provider in the United Kingdom, is reportedly partnering with blockchain startup DOVU to launch a tokenized, blockchain-based rewards system for its customers.

According to TechCrunch the FTSE 250-listed rail company is looking to improve the experience its customers have, using DOVU’s blockchain-powered rewards platform to learn more about them and to incentivize changes in their behavior.

Currently, Go-Ahead runs over a billion passenger journeys per year on their bus and rail services, which help make it one of the largest operators in London. The group reportedly services around 30% of all UK’s train passenger journeys.

DOVU, which as its own native ERC-20 token called DOV, is going to initially roll out its blockchain-based rewards to Go-Ahead’s Thameslink and Southern Rail services, allowing users to “earn” cryptocurrency tokens if they share their travel data, which will then be used for the company to better understand their habits and communicate with them.

According to a blog post DOVU published David Garnall, Innovation Lead at the Gavia Thameslink Railway, stated:

Improving and rewarding customer loyalty and behaviour should be an essential part of what we do. We are delighted to be working with DOVU to realise this ambition.

The exchange changes in travel behavior Go-Ahead is trying to introduce aren’t clear, although it’s presumably going to help passengers save time and money while traveling. The partnership comes after DOVU participated in the public transportation giant’s accelerator scheme, called The Billion Journey Project.

DOVU has in the past partnered with BMW to incentivize drivers through a tokenized rewards system to track mileage on leased vehicles. Go-Ahead is notably not the only public company working with blockchain technology to improve its services, as even Berkshire Hathaway subsidiaries have explored the flagship cryptocurrency’s underlying technology.