Cardano Founder Hoskinson Joins Predictive Analytics Startup

Charles Hoskinson, the CEO at IOHK, a tech firm focused on blockchain and crypto development for “academic institutions, government entities, and corporations”, has reportedly joined Endor, a predictive analytics company as an advisor.

Founded in 2014, Endor’s official website states that the firm “invented the ‘Google for predictive analytics’” which “provides [fast and] automated accurate predictions” without the need for “data science expertise.” These predictions allow business owners to make more informed decisions about how to manage their operations.

As mentioned in an explainer video on Endor’s website, advanced predictive analytics tools were only available to giant tech firms. However, the Endor platform aims to allow small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) to use predictive analytics in order to streamline their business operations. Through a token pre-sale conducted last year, Endor has raised $45 million - which will reportedly be used to further develop the company’s predictive analytics platform.

Providing Guidance On Blockchain Technology

According to Endor’s press release (shared with Cointelegraph), Hoskinson has joined the company as a senior advisor. He will be expected to guide Endor’s decision-making on the business and technical aspects of decentralization, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technology. Hoskinson, the co-founder of Ethereum (ETH) and Cardano (ADA), will also be leading a new strategic project at Endor. The details of this initiative have not yet been announced.

Yaniv Altshuler, the co-founder and CEO of Endor, said that Hoskinson would play a key role at his company as he would lead the “data driven” business on initiatives related to decentralized public blockchain networks.

During the Crypto Finance Conference held last month, Hoskinson told Cointelegraph that it could “take 11 years” for the crypto industry to recover back (in terms of prices and project valuations) to where it was in late 2017 - when digital asset prices hit their all-time highs.

Crypto Industry Might Take 10 Years To Recover To 2017 Price Levels

Comparing the growth of Amazon to that of the crypto and blockchain sector, Hoskinson pointed out that it took Amazon around 11-12 years to recover its all-time highs (in stock price). Per the IOHK CEO, the giant online retailer had fully “matured” by 2011-2012 as it became a “much more realistic company.” Similarly, it could take many more years of development before the cryptoasset industry matures and reaches mass adoption, Hoskinson noted.

Commenting on what the crypto ecosystem will look like in the next 10-11 years, Hoskinson had said (at the Crypto Finance Conference):

[About a decade later,] we will be a dramatically different ecosystem at that point. We'll have millions, perhaps even billions of users. We will be in many consumer products, be easy to use, [and even] grandma [would be able to] use it. A lot of the hard stuff will have been figured out. Like if somebody dies, how do we get their private keys, how do we handle taxes, all of the regulation will be done.