Koala Studio, an online gaming platform that’s building on top of Bitcoin’s Lighting Network, has recently launched its first title: Lightning Chess. The game is essentially a version of chess in which players can undo moves, extend timers, and wager bets against each other for satoshis.

According to the platform’s announcement, Lightning Chess is currently accessible through a key-generated account, meaning players don’t have to use an email account or submit ID to play the game. To play, they just need to enter the game’s website and fund their accounts.

The organization is reportedly using Bitcoin’s Lightning Network as it believes it “drastically reduces barriers of entry for gamers and game developers looking for a permissionless payment network that supports instant, low-cost micro-transactions.”

In the future, the Koala Studio plans on continuing to develop games and infrastructure for game developers. The announcement reads:

Lightning Chess is just the beginning. Koala Studio aims to continue developing games and infrastructure for game developers looking to enter this exciting new frontier.

To match players with like-minded people, a Telegram group has been created. The development comes shortly after the flagship cryptocurrency’s Lightning Network gained attention after Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey participated in a “trust game” based on it.

Bitcoin’s LN has, as covered, surpassed the 500 BTC capacity late last year, merely months after being launched. Available data shows the layer-two scaling solution’s capacity is currently of 654.9 BTC ($2.24 million)