January 15, 2019 - Delta , one of the leading cryptocurrency portfolio applications, announces the release of their 2.0 update today. This significant release pushes Delta into a new space in the industry as they embark on creating a high quality cryptocurrency platform, connecting everybody in the space into a smartly crafted network.

In September 2018, Delta launched Delta Direct, a direct link for Token Teams to connect with existing & potential investors. Via Direct, Delta users are the first to know about asset technology breakthroughs, key investor communications and more. Directly from the source.

Three months later, Direct has proven to be a big success as more than 350 token teams joined the program, sending more than 5000 Directs a month.

“It’s a great side-effect and a testament for its success, but it was never about ‘the most’ to us. We’re all about delivering the best and fastest way for our users to get insights and leading-edge information about the token teams they care about.”; Nicolas Van Hoorde, CEO of Delta, explains.

Delta is now building further on this success with the release of 2.0. While the new release also brings a complete restyling of the app’s ‘Light Mode’, the headline goes to an entirely new section called ‘News & Direct’, which is built upon a freshly introduced ‘Follow’ system.

“Delta Direct paved the way for a much bigger dream - building a platform that allows users to connect with the cryptocurrency space and beyond, while still keeping the portfolio tracking at its heart. And with 2.0, we did just that.”, Van Hoorde continues.

News & Direct is a personalised feed of Delta Direct updates and articles from trustworthy news sources. By following the coins you’re interested in, the feed changes dynamically and will actually smartly recommend teams to follow based on your behaviour.

“We wanted to create a feed that is not just like every other aggregator feed out there. Thanks to our following system, we can personalise it completely to the user’s preference while our collaborative filtering algorithms make sure that the content that is most relevant to you, is shown first.”, Filip Minev, CTO of Delta, clarifies.

Delta’s smartly engineered platform makes every user’s feed unique by showing articles and Directs related to their interests, activity and portfolio assets. It also allows for a new way for token teams to be discovered, rewarding projects that deliver and have noteworthy updates to share.

Filip clarifies this a bit more: “Naturally, bigger market cap coins are reported on much more and will be shown to more users. However, we really found it super important to make sure that significant news around lower market cap coins don’t get pushed aside. We’ve definitely incorporated that in our recommendation engine.”

As the name suggests, ‘News & Direct’ will now also include news from accredited news sources in the app. Delta tries to strike a perfect balance between editorial content and project updates from the token teams by combining news & Delta Direct into one.

Delta has worked closely with the below mentioned partnered news sources to bring high quality and trustworthy content to the app. More could be added in a later stage.

  • Sludgefeed
  • Cryptoglobe
  • Cryptobriefing
  • CCN

“We’re in an exciting space which is still very much in its early stages. We believe that we can contribute and accelerate growth by bringing (future) investors, token teams and companies closer together by building a network where every party is involved. We hope you’ll try it out.”, Nicolas Van Hoorde summarises.

Delta’s 2.0 update is available now on iOS & Android and is completely free to download.

Delta is a fantastic crypto portfolio app with powerful information on prices, charts and a stellar UI for managing my portfolio. With the addition of Delta Direct, we are thrilled to integrate the latest MakerDAO news, including developments on Dai and MKR, with their millions of users.

Coulter Mulligan, Head of Marketing MakerDAO

About Delta

Launched in October 2017, Delta is the ultimate portfolio, news and updates tracking app that enables investors to keep track of all crypto coins. In just a very short period of time, Deta has attracted over one million crypto investors who are tracking their portfolios, checking the latest coin prices, news, Directs and market charts using the Delta app.

Delta has been awarded in 2018 with the Webby judges award for ‘Best Mobile User Interface’, highlighting Delta’s achievement of offering great functionality in an easy to use interface.

About Opus Labs, the company behind Delta

Delta is created by Opus Labs NV, a self-funded Belgian company founded in August 2017 set to create different user-centered digital products, highly focused on the cryptocurrency market. Delta was the first product of Opus Labs and launched publicly on October 4th, 2017. Up to this day, due to the success of Delta, the application is and will remain the only product and the sole focus of Opus Labs. Opus Labs has been founded by six co-founders, all active in an executive role within the company.


Nicolas Van Hoorde Co-Founder & CEO Delta nicolas@delta.app Telegram: @nicolasvh

Yan Ketelers Head of Marketing & Revenue yan@delta.app Telegram: @yktlrs