Cryptocurrency Exchange Bitrue Adds Five New XRP Trading Pairs

Siamak Masnavi

On Thursday (3 January 2019), cryptocurrency exchange Bitrue announced that it had added support for five new XRP trading pairs:

Bitrue, which was founded in 2018, has quickly become a favorite with members of the XRP community because of the enthusiasm and support shown by its management towards XRP. What is interesting about Bitrue is that it supported XRP as a base currency on the day that its trading platform was launched (19 July 2018).

Despite the bear market in 2018, Bitrue had impressive growth in trading volume, especially in Q4:

Bitrue's management is quick to acknowledge that the majority of its overall trading volume is due to XRP trading:

In fact, on 5 December 2018, Bitrue's daily XRP trading volume surpassed that of two much older and larger competitors:

Bitrue's increasing importance in the XRP space has not been ignored by Ripple:

As of today, this is the full list of XRP trading pairs offered by Bitrue: BCH/XRP; ETC/XRP; GTO/XRP; GUSD/XRP; KNC/XRP; LINK/XRP; LTC/XRP; PAX/XRP; QKC/XRP; TUSD/XRP; WAN/XRP; WTC/XRP; ZRX/XRP; XRP/BTC; XRP/USDT; XRP/ETH; XRP/TRX; XRP/XLM; XRP/NEO; XRP/GAS; and XRP/OMG.

There is further good news ahead for XRP HODLers since on December 27th Bitrue promised to add many more XRP trading pairs in the next couple of months: