In a countertrend to the crypto bear market of 2018, blockchain developers working at the enterprise level are some of the highest paid among IT workers – and salaries are still growing. According to some estimates gathered in a recent Computerworld article, salaries for blockchain engineers now range between $150,000-175,000 per year. Another estimate, from a Janco Associates report, puts the low end at a still-healthy $132,000 per year.

Both of these estimates are far above the estimated average salary of IT professionals in general, a comparably paltry $93,000 per year. Some reports say that 10,000 blockchain developer jobs remain unfilled in the US alone, according to Computerworld.

Janco also report that “Attrition rates [among IT professionals] are the highest they have been in the last several years.” In line with this, salaries in the enterprise blockchain space have been “soaring,” increasing on average by $4,000 in the past six months. Analytics firm Burning Glass Technologies found a 316% growth in the amount of blockchain IT jobs in 2018 versus 2017.

But not everything is roses. The Janco report cites a number of factors that could be a damper on the lately exuberant IT industry. The falling share prices of tech giants like Apple, Google, and Facebook are cause for concern – Apple’s stock price has fallen 39% since all time highs were reached in October – as is the unresolved trade conflict between the US and China.


Blockchain Training

CryptoGlobe reported in September on universities’ efforts to respond to growing interest in blockchain education. A professor at the prestigious New York University noted that his blockchain class doubled in size in a single year.

Also recently reported was Bank Frick’s partnership with the University of Liechtenstein to produce several programs and courses on blockchain fintech.