Breaking Story: Bitcoin Scammers Email Bomb Threats, Causing Evacuations Across The U.S.

Kevin O'Brien

Numerous evacuations have taken place across the United States on December 13th after scammers sent bomb threat emails demanding bitcoin payment to a number of businesses, companies, schools, and other entities, according to reports.

No Evidence of Explosives Yet

As of press time, authorities indicated there is not any evidence so far of any explosives detonating or actually being placed. However, police are asking people to remain vigilant as they work through the threats.

It is not yet clear how far the email threat has spread, but law enforcement in numerous jurisdictions across the country have released statements on social media and other outlets about the situation.

The Federal Bureau Of Investigation said it is aware of the threats and remains in contact with law enforcement across the country.



Speculation is the messages are robo-emails that were sent out in a group. The New York Police Department indicated on Twitter how it looks like they were sent to “cause disruption and/or obtain money."



Bomb Threats Asking For $20,000 In Bitcoin

A number of people on Twitter posted screenshots of the threatening email sent by the bitcoin scammers.



The email is printed in an article by

It begins declaring that “my mercenary” has placed a bomb in “the building where your business is conducted” that would wound many people upon detonation.

In order to “call off my man,” a payment of $20,000 in bitcoin must be made to an address listed in the message. The scammer says the guarantee to not detonate “will become valid only after 3 confirmations in blockchain.”   

Different Versions Of The Messages

According to The Verge, there seem to be multiple versions of the email, some of which list a different type of explosive material.

The actual bitcoin wallet also looks to vary across messages. The Verge also wrote that it was able to confirm at least three wallets. It is not yet clear if anyone has actually paid the ransom. 

Billionaire Investor Tim Draper Calls Libra a Bridge to Bitcoin Adoption

Michael LaVere
  • TIm Draper thinks libra and other digital currencies will ultimately increase bitcoin adoption. 
  • He warned against US regulators stifling innovation by imposing restrictions on Facebook. 

Billionaire investor Tim Draper revealed he believes that Facebook’s cryptocurrency libra will serve as a bridge for greater bitcoin adoption. 

Building to Bitcoin

Draper appeared on CNBC’s “Squawk Alley” program to discuss the impact of Facebook on cryptocurrency. While others have positioned libra as a potential bitcoin killer, the American investor thinks Facebook’s digital currency will serve as an entry point into crypto for mainstream audiences. 



He doubled-down on his opinion that bitcoin is the primary driver for innovation, despite the rise of altcoins and large platform tokens like libra. 

He said, 


“I think all these other cryptos are bridges to where we have a Bitcoin environment.”


Despite the global attention generated by libra, bitcoin has consolidated market share throughout 2019. According to a recent report published by CoinGecko, bitcoin was the top performing high market cap cryptocurrency in Q2 2019 and BTC market dominance climbed to a relative high of 65%.

In addition, the top five cryptos now control 86% of the overall market capitalization, giving the appearance that investors are concentrating on established projects at the top. 

Heavy-Handed Regulation 

Draper took issue with the way U.S. regulators have treated both bitcoin and libra. He explained that heavy-handed interventions and too much pressure would stifle innovation for digital currencies and blockchain. In the case of Facebook, lawmakers are falling over themselves to criticize libra well ahead of its launch. 

He told the Squawk Alley crew, 


“We’re putting regulation before the innovation — Facebook’s just announced Libra; they haven’t even been able to ship it yet, and the regulators are all over them.”


Draper has also been critical of the Government of India for its purported connection with a bill that would make using cryptocurrencies an offense punishable with up to ten years in prison. The American investor created a firestorm on Twitter after calling the Modi government “pathetic and corrupt.”



While India has yet to institute a ban on crypto, an unofficial drafted bill surfaced on July 15 that would seek to prohibit the use of bitcoin and other digital currencies.