The CoinGeek Week Conference is in London this November

On 27th-30th November, CoinGeek Week London will be giving attendees the opportunity to build knowledge, meet peers, investors and future business partners. Topped off with a Calvin Ayre style after party on the 30th, this is a conference not to be missed. Tickets are available here.

Over three days, the true pioneers of cryptocurrency and blockchain will be converging at the CoinGeek Week Conference and the agenda is packed with over 20 industry leading speakers including:

• Dr Craig Wright

• Jimmy Nguyen

• Ryan Charles

• Elizabeth White

All of which will be sharing real life business applications for blockchain and bCommerce.

On Developers Day, the 28th November attendees will learn everything they need to know about the latest within blockchain technology. Learning from the industry pioneers and immerse themselves into the great opportunities blockchain technology will bring to businesses.

Merchants day on the 29th November will give attendees the advantage over their competitors. The leaders of the industry will enlighten their peers on new developments, updates and demonstrate how adopting Bitcoin Cash is the fundament for growing business.

All Futurists are welcome on Friday 30th November with keynotes from the true pioneers of blockchain. The final day adds to everything shared in the week by taking in what the experts are predicting in the future of Blockchain and Bitcoin Cash technology.

After each day, attendees are encouraged to keep the exciting conversation going at the afternoon networking event where they can meet peers, investors and future business partners.

CoinGeek has secured the Mermaid Theatre for its conference. It’s a prime venue just yards from the Thames and across the river from the reconstructed Globe Theatre.

There are three ticket options to choose from whether you’re a miner, developer, merchant, futurist or a combination, don’t miss out on the event of the year!

CoinGeek Week London is a Blockchain and Bitcoin Cash conference spanning three days from 27-30th November 2018. Pioneers in the cryptocurrency industry will be speaking and networking with attendees sharing knowledge, experiences and insights. The conference is perfect for miners, developers, merchants and futurist looking to build their business with new opportunities and technologies. Held at The Mermaid Theatre in London, UK, there are three ticket options for guests to choose, ranging from 1 to all three days including an entrance to an exclusive after party on the 30th November.

To book, visit

Germany’s First Security Token Offering Launches a Bounty Program

Bitbond provides working capital financing to business owners around the world. The platform uses blockchain technology for efficient cross-border payment processing and has developed a machine learning powered credit scoring system.

One interesting thing about the Bitbond STO, is that before Bitbond over 130 other companies submitted security tokens prospectuses to BaFin (the German financial regulator) and none of them was approved.

On May 8th, Bitbond Finance announced their bounty program, revealing that they are allocating 2% of the total funds raised in their STO to the bounty program. This means that up to 2 Million EUR  worth of BB1 tokens is available for bounty hunters.

So far the Bitbond STO has raised EUR 2 Million in investment. Their token sale concludes on July 8th.

Bitbond’s bounty program is tailored to different skill sets and allows participants to earn BB1 tokens in a number of different ways, which are as follows:

  1. Hunter Bounty: This allows participants to earn by referring friends over to the bounty program
  2. Affiliate Bounty: If a participant refers an investor over with their affiliate link the Affiliate Bounty pays 5% of the invested as a commission.
  3. Signature Bounty: This is for people familiar with BitcoinTalk, users with status of Member or higher can earn by adding the Bitbond STO signature to their BitcoinTalk account.
  4. Creativity Bounty: This bounty is aimed for creatives, participants can earn for designing creatives related to Bitbond and their STO
  5. Social media Bounty: Participants can earn by engaging with Bitbond’s content and posting their own content via Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Telegram.
  6. Content Bounty: Last but not least with the content bounty participants can earn for producing content such a blog posts, videos etc.

This is just a very brief overview of the Bitbond STO Bounty program - if you would like to learn more or join the bounty program head over to this BitcoinTalk thread.

CEO and Founder Radoslav Albrecht said:

“Since our launch in 2013 Bitbond has always worked closely with the crypto and blockchain community. This bounty program gives us the opportunity to engage further with our community, reward Bitbond early adopters and spread the news about our new groundbreaking project, the Bitbond STO.”

About Bitbond

Bitbond was established in 2013, as the first global business lending platform. Private and institutional investors finance the loans to achieve above average interest returns. Bitbond conducts a credit check on every borrower via its proprietary scoring technology.

Over the past 6 years, Bitbond has generated over $15 million worth of SME loans, funded in over 80 different countries. By using the blockchain for payment processing Bitbond and its users are independent of banks. Bitbond is the first German regulated financial services provider that uses blockchain technology.

Bitbond Videos:

Bitbond company video – 
Introducing Bitbond Token BB1 – 

Bitbond success stories – 

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