Europe-based Crypto Exchange Covesting Introduces 'Soft Launch' Version of its Trading Platform

  • Covesting has launched a "soft" version of its cryptocurrency trading platform.
  • The Europe-based exchange was recently granted a license to offer its crypto trading services in Gibraltar.

Covesting, a Europe-based digital asset exchange, has announced the “soft launch” of its crypto trading platform - which is aimed at bringing traders and asset managers in traditional markets to the crypto space.

Last month, Gibraltar’s regulatory authorities had granted Covesting a license to offer its cryptocurrency trading services in the British Overseas Territory.

Covesting’s cryptoasset exchange has moved into the production stage after being tested via a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model. The “soft launch” version has reportedly passed a number default tests which check for issues with the trading platform’s user interface, its order book design, and data management.

200 Individual Testers Tasked With Finding Software Bugs

Moreover, Covesting’s development team initially tested the digital asset trading platform by sending 0.2 Ether (ETH) to 200 individual testers. Each tester was required to carefully go through and use all the exchange’s features, and then report whether they encountered any bugs in the software.

Covesting is now planning to add more options for funding user accounts with fiat currencies. This may include allowing its customers to perform bank wires and use their credit cards,

In the next few weeks, the exchange is also going to start inviting various post-ICO projects so that they may list their tokens on its platform. Similar to how other centralized exchanges evaluate cryptocurrencies before supporting them, Covesting’s research team will be carefully examining each new application for listing.

Former Saxo Bank Executives Join Covesting

Kurt Carlsson, the former executive director at Saxo bank, a Danish financial institution specializing in online trading, joined Covesting in December 2017 as the company’s chief commercial officer.

Carlsson has mostly been working in Gibraltar as he has been tasked with setting up the exchange’s headquarters in the territory.

Peter Kristenson, also a former Saxo bank employee, has been appointed Covesting’s head of markets. Both Carlsson and Kristenson joined Covesting after the new crypto exchange managed to raise $1.1 million through it ICO last year.

Replicating The Trading Patterns Of Professional Traders

As explained in the company's press release from December 2017, Covesting allows investors to “copy the trading” strategies of experienced cryptocurrency traders by “mirroring their trades automatically.”

Dmitrij Pruglo and a few other former Saxo Bank employees with experience in forex trading, derivatives, and equity markets had initially helped in getting the Covesting platform off the ground.

Crypto Exchange Startup INX Aims to Raise $130 Million in US IPO

Neil Dennis

Cryptoasset exchange startup INX Limited said on Monday it was aiming to raise up to $130 million in an initial public offering (IPO) in the US.

The Gibraltar-based exchange filed its IPO registration on Monday, August 19, and is the first security token sale to be registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Indeed, most blockchain and cryptoasset-related offerings have been conducted through initial coin offerings (ICO) and other unregulated token sales. While the INX sale will not be the first IPO in the industry, it will be among a very select few. Last year Argo Mining raised $32.5 million through the London Stock Exchange.

INX Tokens

The company is offering 130 million INX tokens, with each entitling its holder to an annual pro rata distribution of 40% of the company's net cash flow from operating activities. 

While the minimum investment will be $1,000, the company said it would not complete the sale of any INX tokens until it raises a minimum $5 million from the offering within one year. Only dollar sales will be accepted until this minimum is reached: thereafter, the company will also accept payment in bitcoin and ether.