Roger Ver Rejects Jimmy Song’s Million-Dollar Bitcoin Bet

During the recent CoinsBank Blockchain Cruise (held September 7-11, 2018), Bitcoin developer Jimmy Song and Bitcoin Cash enthusiast Roger Ver had a heated debate about the future of cryptocurrency.

Highlights include fights over the mic, Jimmy calling BCH “fiat money,” and a shirtless Tone Vays appearance.

As things got hot, Roger decided to bet Jimmy that Bitcoin Cash would beat Bitcoin.

I’ll bet a million dollars, equivalent to whatever cryptocurrency you want, that within ten years, Bitcoin Cash will have a larger market cap than the BTC version of Bitcoin today

Although he hesitated, Jimmy gladly took the bet. Jimmy, however, seemed concerned about trusting Roger, and expressed interest in putting the funds in escrow. This would prevent anyone from running away with the money before their wager’s due.

Since the debate, there’s been no official confirmation that the bet was finalized. Jimmy Song recently tweeted that Roger is rejecting the terms:

As the tweet explains, the bet is for $1,000,000, payable in winner’s cryptocurrency of choice.

There's even a clause that if 200 BTC > 1 BCH or vice versa, the bet is also off. This would complete the bet before the final date (September 10, 2028) just in case one cryptocurrency completely dominates the other.

Despite laying out clear terms, Ver seems to have rejected Jimmy’s bet.

As evident below, Bitcoin Cash has been steadily declining. This chart from CryptoCompare maps bitcoin cash (BCH) vs. bitcoin (BTC), not dollars, making it clear how BTC has outperformed BCH.