Billionaire entrepreneur Anthony Di Iorio, who is a co-founder of Ethereum, says that he is betting big on two Chinese blockchain projects: Qtum (QTUM) and VeChain (VEN/VET).

Anthony started with Bitcoin (BTC) early in 2012, at a time when it was trading under $10; that is when he started the Toronto Bitcoin Group. Then, sometime in late 2013, Vitalik Buterin told Anthony about a project he was working on — Ethereum — and that’s how Anthony became one of the first people in the world to read the earliest version of the Ethereum white paper. He became a co-founder of Ethereum by putting his time and money into helping to build the Ethereum team. 

Later, in early 2014, he opened an office in Toronto for his blockchain startup Decentral, which, two years later, released the first version of the multi-platform cryptocurrency wallet Jaxx

Earlier this week, according to The Vancouver Sun, the crypto investor paid around $21 million (USD) to become the owner of Canada’ largest condo/apartment. The three-story 16,178 square feet (1,502 square meters) still-unfinished penthouse is at the St. Regis Residences Toronto (formerly known as Trump International Hotel & Tower) in downtown Toronto. You can take a look inside courtsey of a short video The Globe and Mail has put on its website.

The profits from Bitcoin and Ethereum do not seem to have quenched Anthony’s taste for more bargains in the crypto space, and he believes that China is the place to look for what Bloomberg calls “the next big crypto winners.” In an interview on Thursday, he told Bloomberg:

“The biggest stake for me is in Qtum and VeChain right now, the two Chinese projects… There's much more opportunity in newer ones if you can identify them.”

Anthony Di Iorio, Ethereum Co-Founder

Qtum (QTUM) is a decentralized and open-source smart contracts platform that uses Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus “that allows anyone with as little as one qtum to help secure the network” and a decentralized governance protocol that allows community participants to vote to change various network parameters (such as block size and block size) without requiring a fork. In addition, the team is working on adding support for payment channels in order to achieve 20,000+ transactions per second. At press time, QTUM is at position 21 in terms of market cap (around $873.6 million), and is trading at $9.85.

VeChain (VET) is an enterprise-focused blockchain platform that focuses on financial services and supply chain management. Its token (originally known as) VEN started trading at the end of August 2017. Then, in the early part of this year, VeChain got rebranded to VeChainThor, and the token was renamed to VET. Its mainnet is planned to go live on 30 June 2018. According to this tweet from the VeChain Foundation’s Twitter account, here is the roadmap for the next weeks:

At press time, VET is at position 17 in terms of market cap (around $1.67 billion), and is trading at $3.06.

Despite his passion for his new investments, Di Iorio still believes in Bitcoin, which is currently trading at $6,503 (according to CryptoCompare):

“In general, it's got amazing features… I think it's going to consistently do what it's been doing over the last year… as more people start to use it, I think it'll go up.”


Featured Image Credit: Photo by “zhnag kaiyv” via Pexels; licensed under “CC0”