On Sunday, Team Tronics, a TRON Super Representatives Election candidate, announced its plans for an online “university” where you are rewarded with TRX coins for learning about TRON and blockchain technology. 

TRON Super Representative Elections

On 26 June 2018, TRON holds its first Super Representatives (SR) election. TRON SR elections are currently held every six hours (according to the Tronscan website). The 27 representatives with the highest vote get chosen to become SRs. SRs receive block rewards for their role in governing the TRON network.

To keep their position as SRs, they need to re-elected. For this to happen, they need to do a good job and use part of their TRX earnings to provide some incentives for the members of the TRON community to keep voting for them. One type of incentive is development of useful TRON applications.

How Team Tronics Is Making Itself an Appealing SR Candidate

Team Tronics has decided to give at least 70% of the TRX it earns for being a SR to the community. It is planning to do this by creating an online education center, where you can learn more about TRON and its underlying blockchain technology. 

University Structure and ‘Learn As You Earn’ Reward Scheme

Initially, an existing online educational platform will be used. Then, over time, Team Tronics plans to develop its own native platform.

All members of the TRON community (i.e. all TRX holders) will be able to enroll at the university and register for courses, take quizzes, or try various challenges. The token reward amount earned by the student depends on the complexity of the subject matter.

There are three difficulty levels: 

  1. Novice
  2. Competent
  3. Expert

Students take one class at a time. Once they have passed it, they can advance to the next class. All students will start by taking the first course. According to Team Tronics’ blog post, “Challenges and quizzes are a single class with multiple questions, Courses are made up of several Challenges and/or quizzes and will be awarded a bonus upon completion.”

Rewards are paid out in TRX because “TRX at this time is the only token with value and a real usability.” Although any member of the TRON community can be a student, those students who vote for Team Tronics in SR elections will  receive higher rewards for learning than those don’t. The exact amount of rewards will be announced around mid July 2018.

According to this tweet from the team, enrollment will start in Fall/Autumn 2018:


Featured Image Credit: Photo by “Startup Stock Photos” via Pexels; licensed under “CC0”