Chinese Search Giant Baidu Launches Blockchain-Based Image Rights Management Platform

  • The goal of this platform - called Totem - is to fight copyright infringement on photos.
  • Several traditional stock photo services have already moved onto the platform.

Chinese internet search giant Baidu has launched an AI blockchain-based digital image property rights management platform, called Totem, in China.

The service takes each original photo submitted by a photgrapher (or another owner of the photo) and timestamps it with a real-name identity. The photo and all of its associated details are stored on a traceable and immutable distributed ledger.

The system uses Baidu's AI knowledge to create unique tags for each image and search & data scrapping knowhow to detect when images circulating around the web have been used with the copyright owner's permission and when copyright law has been violated.

There is currently no white paper, and so it is not clear what kind of blockchain technology Totem has been built on.

Apparently, several traditional stock photo services operators have already switched to the platform, including Visual China Group, which is the exclusive distributor of Getty Images' library in China, as well being the largest stock image provider in China (and the third largest in the world).

Blockchain Based Solution To Image Rights

Baidu is not the only company working in this area. On 9 January 2018, Kodak and WENN Digital announced in a joint press release that they were working together to create the KODAKOne image rights management and protection platform and the KODAKCoin cryptocurrency. WENN Digital’s exisiting live operational copyright infringement management system will form phase 1 of the KODAKOne platform.