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Derrick Broze is an activist, author, and freelance journalist based in Houston, Texas. Derrick's books focus on exploring anarchism, decentralization, and spirituality while his journalism explores indigenous struggles, surveillance technology, government corruption, and cryptocurrency. Derrick regularly speaks about his philosophical work at conferences across the United States and Central America. On most nights he can be found at home tumbling down rabbit holes for his latest research project.

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The Mystery of Coinbene’s Missing Coins

On March 27, the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbene tweeted that due to recent hacks of exchanges, they would be performing maintenance to upgrade users’ wallets. It has since been reported that Coinbene had been hacked, but what happened to all the missing coins?

Crypto Bear Market Layoffs: A Healthy Correction?

It has been sixteen months since the cryptocurrency markets hit historic highs before losing around 80% of those gains.

Brazil’s President Bolsonaro Attempts to Shut Down Indigenous Cryptocurrency

In his first week in office, newly-elected President President Jair Bolsonaro’s administration announced plans to suspend a project to create a cryptocurrency intended for use by indigenous communities in Brazil.

Square Enix Joins the Blockchain Gaming Revolution

In a recent letter to investors, video game publisher Square Enix announced plans to explore blockchain based gaming.

Thailand to Begin Testing Blockchain Voting

Thailand’s National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (Nectec) will soon begin testing blockchain voting on a small scale at elections in universities and smaller communities.

Nevada County Will Now Allow Marriage Certificates on Blockchain

Nevada’s WashoeCounty is leading the way for blockchain use in government programs, including marriage certificates saved on a blockchain.

Iran Claims Telegram ICO is a Threat to National Security

The Iranian government concluded 2018 by declaring the popular messaging app Telegram and their developing cryptocurrency token a threat to the national economy.

Belgian Authorities Update “Blockchain Blacklist” With 14 New Exchanges

The Belgian Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) has updated their ongoing list of businesses reported to operate cryptocurrency scams. With this most recent addition of 14 websites the “blockchain blacklist” has now expanded to 113 websites to avoid.

BitPay CEO: Speculation Drives Bitcoin Price, Mass Adoption 3-5 Years Away

Stephen Pair, prominent cryptocurrency proponent and CEO of popular Bitcoin payment processor Bitpay, recently emphasized his belief that cryptocurrency will become mainstream within three to five years.

Could Bitcoin Fuel France’s Yellow Vest Revolution?

Economist and crypto-currency advocate Max Keiser has offered France’s ‘gilet jaunes’ movement free financial advice: Invest in Bitcoin.

Why a Nobel Laureate Economist Is Wrong About Bitcoin Being ‘Toast’

Robert C. Merton, a Nobel Laureate in Economics, believes the recent downturns in the cryptocurrency markets signal the end for Bitcoin, but Mr Merton has missed some of the key facts that undermine many of his arguments.

FDA Considering Adopting Blockchain Technology to ‘Track and Trace’ Food Recalls

FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb has hired Walmart’s vice president of food safety to help develop blockchain-based solutions to tracking and tracing recalls of tainted foods.

Siemens Considering Blockchain to Create Energy Solutions

Industrial corporation Siemens has announced plans to explore the potential energy uses for blockchain technology.

U.S. Deputy Attorney General Tells INTERPOL They Must Slow the Growth of Cryptocurrencies

U.S. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein recently told a gathering of law enforcement, “We must not allow cybercriminals to hide behind cryptocurrencies”.

Cryptocurrency Payments Give Sexual Assault Survivor Anonymous Way to Crowfund

In September of this year, a woman used Seeds to successfully raise $500 worth of cryptocurrency to support her while she took time off work to process the traumatic assault. The story presents a case study in the benefits of cryptocurrency technology.

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