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Philippines SEC Warns Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining Contracts Must Be Registered As Securities

Cryptocurrency cloud mining operators will now need an official license to operate in the Philippines, as the country’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) warned they need to be registered as securities.

Moneros ASIC-Resisting Hard Fork Sees Manufacturer Baikal Hold Firesale

In order to resist ASIC miners, Monero recently hard forked. This seemingly forced mining hardware manufacturer Baikal to hold a firesale, as demand for Cryptonight ASIC miners likely plummeted.

South Africa Expects Taxpayers To Declare Cryptocurrency Gains

South African citizens will now be expected to report gains or losses on cryptocurrency transactions, and can declare cryptocurrency-related taxable income. This is an official decision made by SARS (South African Revenue Service).

Verge (XVG) Hard Forks After 51% Attack Nets Malicious Miner $1 Million

A so-called 51 percent attack allowed malicious miners to rake in much as $1 million worth of Verge (XVG) before the cryptocurrency’s developers managed to fix the bugs allowing the miners to attack. The solution was an ‘accidental’ hard fork.

Coinbase Set To Allow Users To Withdraw Funds From Bitcoin Forks

Coinbase officially announced it plans on allowing its users to withdraw funds ‘airdropped’ from bitcoin forks, other than bitcoin cash.

India’s Central Bank Turns Its Back On Crypto-Related Accounts

India’s central bank has recently announced organizations it regulates will have to stop providing individuals and businesses cryptocurrency-related services. This doesn’t mean the country banned cryptocurrencies, as it is merely a “banking embargo.”

Scammers Swindled Cryptocurrency Investors Out Of Over $670 Million So Far This Year

Cryptocurrency hacks and scams in the first three months of 2018 total $670 million, around 40 percent of the amount stolen in the last seven years.

Reddit Stops Bitcoin Payment Support

Some Redditors may be dismayed to learn that they will no longer be able to purchase Reddit Gold with Bitcoin payments. The popular link sharing and discussion board site discontinued its Bitcoin payment service in response to recent changes in the Bitcoin payment processing infrastructure.

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