Dan Tapiero’s insights carry significant weight in the financial and digital asset communities. He is the Founder, CEO, CIO, and Managing Partner of 1RoundTable Partners and 10T Holdings, firms that manage over $1.2 billion in investments across 26 private companies within the digital asset ecosystem​​​​. Tapiero’s career spans several decades, beginning as a macro-focused portfolio manager and analyst at prominent investment firms like Tiger Management, Duquesne Capital Management, Steinhardt Management Co., and SAC Capital Advisors​​. His entrepreneurial ventures include co-founding Gold Bullion International (GBI), a precious metals platform that expanded into cryptocurrencies, and the Agricultural Company of America (AGCoA), one of the largest farmland REITs in the U.S. until its sale in 2013​​.

On 14 May 2024, renowned macro investor and digital asset enthusiast Dan Tapiero took to social media platform X to share an optimistic forecast for Bitcoin’s price trajectory. In his post, Tapiero expressed strong confidence in Bitcoin’s potential to surge, indicating that once Bitcoin breaks the $65,000 mark, it could quickly escalate to $90,000 and beyond. He observed a technical pattern known as “sideways overlapping flag type consolidation,” suggesting that Bitcoin’s consolidation phase is nearing its end and preparing for a significant price breakout. Tapiero also remarked on the unpredictability of market catalysts, stressing that the exact trigger for the anticipated surge is unclear but ultimately irrelevant. He concluded with a motivational reminder inspired by fellow investor Raoul Pal, urging followers to seize the opportunity.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at around $62,456, up 1.8% in the past 24-hour period.

Featured Image via Unsplash