On May 15, Robinhood Crypto announced that it is making a significant push to enhance its services for European customers, introducing a suite of new features aimed at improving accessibility and user experience. The announcement includes the rollout of crypto staking, localized apps, and a 10% bonus on net buys for new users within their first 30 days on the platform.

Robinhood Crypto is a platform under Robinhood that allows users to buy, sell, and hold various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE), and others without commission fees. It offers users the lowest cost on average for trading cryptocurrencies, combining accessibility with advanced trading tools and features. Additionally, all cryptocurrencies held by Robinhood Crypto are secured in cold storage, ensuring the safety of digital assets against potential cyber threats. This offering is part of Robinhood’s broader efforts to make financial markets more accessible to a broader audience, including features like crypto wallets that enable users to manage their digital currencies effectively.

One of the key highlights is the introduction of crypto staking, available exclusively to European users. This new feature allows customers to stake their Solana (SOL) holdings directly through the Robinhood app. Staking enables users to earn rewards while maintaining the flexibility to unstake their assets at any time, offering a new way to generate passive income from their crypto investments.

Robinhood Crypto is also enhancing its app to better serve its diverse European user base. In the coming weeks, the platform will launch local language versions of its app, starting with Italy, Poland, and Lithuania. This move aims to provide users with a more comfortable and intuitive experience by offering the app in their native languages, thereby helping them make more informed investment decisions.

To attract new users, Robinhood Crypto is offering a 10% bonus on net buys for the first 30 days. This bonus, paid out in USDC, is part of the company’s strategy to improve the initial investment journey for new customers. The offer is capped at €500 and requires the reward to be held for 180 days.

Recognizing the importance of education in the rapidly evolving world of digital assets, Robinhood Crypto is expanding its Learn & Earn modules. These educational tools, focusing on cryptocurrencies like AVAX, BTC, and USDC, are designed to help users understand different digital assets while earning rewards. Soon, these modules will be available in multiple languages, including Italian, Polish, and Lithuanian, to further support users in their native languages.

As Robinhood’s press release mentioned, since launching in Europe at the end of last year, Robinhood Crypto has received substantial feedback from its users. Key insights include:

  • Bitcoin (BTC), Dogwifhat (WIF), Solana (SOL), and Ethereum (ETH) have seen the highest trading volumes.
  • Bitcoin remains the most held cryptocurrency on the platform.
  • Poland, Italy, and Lithuania are leading in app downloads.
  • Many users appreciate the Learn & Earn program for its educational value.
  • A significant portion of users are new to crypto trading, with ease of use being a major deciding factor in choosing Robinhood Crypto.

Featured Image via Unsplash