On May 2, Coinbase Global Inc. (NASDAQ: COIN) released its Q1 2024 financial results. Here is what it said in its Shareholder Letter:

Our financial performance in Q1 reflects our focused execution on product expansion, ongoing operational discipline, and strong crypto market conditions. We generated $1.6 billion of total revenue and $1.2 billion of net income*. Adjusted EBITDA was $1.0 billion – more than we generated in all of 2023. Additionally, we made meaningful progress against our 2024 priorities of driving revenue, utility, and regulatory clarity.

Our market share in US spot and derivatives increased, we reached all-time highs on Coinbase Prime, and USDC market capitalization increased. Coinbase One adoption remains strong, and our international business was a larger contributor to our growth. Through Base, our Layer 2 solution, we are expanding the utility of crypto by improving the infrastructure of the ecosystem, increasing speed and stability of the network, and empowering builders to innovate onchain.

Lastly, we continue to drive regulatory clarity for crypto through grassroots advocacy, pushing for legislation, and ongoing efforts to seek clarity through the courts. All in, Q1 was a highly productive start to 2024 for Coinbase and we remain as focused as ever on our mission of increasing economic freedom in the world.

On the same day, shortly before the company’s earnings call, Alesia Haas, the Coinbase CFO, appeared on CNBC’s “Closing Bell: Overtime” to discuss the company’s first-quarter results, the impact of Bitcoin’s strength and the strategic investments made by the platform.

Haas highlighted that Q1 2024 was a robust period for Coinbase, reflecting substantial growth facilitated by favorable market conditions and the fruition of product investments made over the past two years. The company saw market share gains in both spot and derivatives trading. Moreover, Coinbase’s Prime platform, designed for institutional clients, reached all-time highs during this quarter.

One of the key strategic initiatives mentioned by Haas was the acceleration in the adoption and scalability of “Base,” Coinbase’s Layer 2 blockchain. This technology is aimed at ushering users into the next generation of crypto applications, indicating a shift towards more scalable blockchain solutions that could cater to a broader audience.

Discussing the introduction of spot Bitcoin ETFs in the U.S., Haas explained that these financial products have significantly benefited Coinbase by enhancing engagement across its Prime platform. These crypto ETFs have made it easier for traditional investors to access cryptocurrencies through familiar brokerage accounts, bypassing the need for direct interaction with crypto exchanges like Coinbase. Despite potential concerns about diverting users away from Coinbase’s platform, Haas confirmed that the introduction of these spot ETFs resulted in net inflows across the board—including an increase in consumer and institutional trading on Coinbase.

Haas pointed out a striking increase in institutional transaction revenue, which surged by 133% from the previous quarter, outpacing the growth in consumer transaction revenue. She believes this trend underscores the growing institutional interest in cryptocurrencies, a continuation of the bull market of 2021. While consumer trends can be more volatile and influenced by short-term market fluctuations, Haas expects institutional engagement to grow steadily, reflecting a long-term positive outlook for the adoption of crypto assets by larger financial entities.

When asked about the influence of geopolitical turmoil and economic factors like bond yield fluctuations on customer activity, Haas noted that Coinbase users are predominantly focused on cryptocurrency-specific trends rather than broader macroeconomic or geopolitical developments. This observation suggests that while market makers and institutional clients may react to external economic indicators, retail investors in the crypto space are likely more concerned with developments within the crypto market itself.

Featured Image via Coinbase