In a recent article for Bloomberg News, Olga Kharif reports a promising turnaround in the crypto job market. Kharif points out that after a prolonged downturn, companies like Coinbase, Kraken, Binance, and even traditional finance giants like Fidelity are actively hiring. This resurgence, she believes, is fueled by Bitcoin’s rally and renewed retail investor interest in the market.

Source: TradingView

Kraken’s Chief People Officer told Bloomberg:

Kraken has successfully navigated several bull and bear markets while remaining prepared to scale around true inflection moments. The recent surge in crypto markets reinforces our existing thesis that 2024 is the right time to grow in order to meet the demand ahead of us.

According to the article, job boards dedicated to the crypto sector paint a clear picture. reports a substantial increase in job postings, and CryptoJobsList observes a near doubling compared to last year. Even more broadly, the Blockchain Association’s listings surpass 1,700, indicating growing industry demand for talent.

Bloomberg notes that while hiring hasn’t reached 2021’s peak, a steady upward trend since late 2023. Companies, mindful of past over-expansion, are apparently taking a more measured approach. Coinbase, for example, plans “modest” growth after navigating previous layoffs.

Bloomberg highlights that current growth is most visible in business development roles, a sign of expanding operations. Industry experts like Dan Spuller of the Blockchain Association predict continued hiring throughout 2024 and beyond, mirroring potential market strength.

While this resurgence is encouraging, Bloomberg acknowledges that overall crypto listings on platforms like Indeed and LinkedIn remain below pre-downturn levels. Kharif says that this, alongside the reported influx of applicants, creates a competitive landscape for job seekers.

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