Telegram, the popular messaging app known for its large group features and focus on privacy, has a complex history with the TON (The Open Network) blockchain. Initially, Telegram envisioned TON as a revolutionary blockchain platform designed to power a decentralized ecosystem of services, including payments and file storage. This ambition aimed to integrate blockchain technology directly within the Telegram experience.

However, legal battles with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) over TON’s token sale led Telegram to abandon the project in 2020 officially. This didn’t end TON’s existence entirely, though. A passionate community of developers took the open-source code and continued advancing the TON blockchain independently of Telegram.

Despite the formal separation, echoes of the connection remain. Some TON-based services and cryptocurrency projects leverage Telegram’s large user base for adoption and promotion. Additionally, Telegram’s CEO Pavel Durov has expressed ongoing interest in decentralized technologies, leaving the potential for future interactions between Telegram and blockchain projects – whether it’s TON or others.

Well, today, it appears that Telegram is set to introduce a game-changing revenue-sharing model with its channel owners. Pavel Durov, the innovative founder behind Telegram, disclosed through a message on his official channel—a detail that CoinDesk was quick to spotlight—that beginning in March, Telegram will start sharing advertisement revenue with its channel creators. This pivotal move not only highlights Telegram’s dedication to supporting its content creators but also signifies a transformative moment in the platform’s journey.

Source: Telegram

The Fluctuating Fortunes of TON Token

Following the announcement, the TON token, integral to Telegram’s ecosystem, witnessed a significant surge, climbing nearly 40% to a high of over $2.92, as initially reported by CoinDesk. However, the TON token’s price has since been adjusted. As of the latest update, TON is trading at approximately $2.63, marking a robust 22.8% increase over the past 24 hours.

Source: TradingView

Revolutionizing Revenue Sharing

Telegram’s innovative revenue model promises to redefine the monetization landscape for digital content creators. Durov revealed that Telegram’s broadcast channels, which amass a staggering 1 trillion views monthly, have only monetized a fraction of these views through Telegram Ads. This underutilized potential presents a ripe opportunity for channel owners, who will soon enjoy a 50% share of the revenue generated from ads within their channels, starting this March. This initiative not only incentivizes content creation but also aligns with Telegram’s user-centric values.

Leveraging TON Blockchain

Integral to this revenue-sharing model is the utilization of the TON blockchain for all related transactions. Developed by Telegram’s creators, the TON blockchain ensures a secure, transparent, and efficient process for the distribution of earnings. With Telegram’s user base reaching 800 million monthly users as of July 2023, the adoption of blockchain technology is a testament to Telegram’s commitment to scalability and innovation.

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