Although Ethereum (ETH) has long been hailed as the leading platform for smart contracts, a younger, more nimble contender is making waves, according to macro-economist Alex Krüger. Speaking on Bitcoin Suisse’s podcast Verified, Krüger casts a spotlight on Solana (SOL) as an undervalued powerhouse with a bustling ecosystem and a bright future ahead.

Krüger’s enthusiasm for Solana is not unfounded. He points out that Solana’s ecosystem is not only more vibrant than Ethereum’s but also holds greater potential for growth and innovation. This assertion is backed by the impressive daily trading volume of memecoins on Solana, such as WIF, which sees $40-$50 million in trades, generating around $100,000 in daily fees. This contrasts sharply with Ethereum, where no memecoin achieves more than $3 million in daily trading volume. For Krüger, this discrepancy highlights Solana’s superior product-market fit, especially among retail investors who are drawn to its offerings.

The economist’s analysis goes beyond mere trading volumes. He emphasizes the unique position of Solana and Ethereum as the only two blockchain platforms with smart contracts that currently boast strong native communities. This distinction is crucial in a landscape dotted with numerous chains, as it signifies a dedicated user base that not only invests in the platform’s tokens but also actively engages with its applications and services.

One such application that Krüger highlights is Hivemapper, an innovative project that exemplifies the kind of breakthroughs possible on Solana thanks to its speed and low transaction costs—advantages that Ethereum currently cannot match. This, according to Krüger, is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the innovation that Solana could unleash, setting the stage for a future where Solana might outpace Ethereum in terms of both utility and adoption.

Despite a slight dip in its price, trading at $114.00 and experiencing a 1.91% decrease over the last 24 hours, Krüger remains bullish on Solana’s long-term prospects. He extends his optimism to the broader crypto market, advocating for investment over trading, especially in a climate where valuations have yet to adjust from their 2023 levels.

Featured Image via Solana Labs