On February 9, Dan Dolev, a Senior Analyst working in Japanese financial giant Mizuho’s FinTech Equity Research team, joined CNBC’s “Fast Money” to offer his insights on Coinbase’s recent earnings and the broader state of the cryptocurrency space. Speaking with host Melissa Lee, Dolev provided a critical perspective on the sustainability of Coinbase’s business model, the emotional investment in cryptocurrencies, and the overall viability of the crypto market.

Coinbase’s Rally: A Closer Look Through a Skeptical Lens

Dolev’s analysis of Coinbase’s recent performance cuts through the market euphoria, attributing the stock’s gains to fear of missing out (FOMO) among investors. He starkly warns, “I think we’re in for a rough awakening,” highlighting the disconnect between the stock’s rally and the company’s fundamentals.

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Dolev further elaborates on the precarious position of Coinbase, stating, “It’s an amazing short the higher it goes.” This perspective is grounded in his observation of ETF outflows and diminishing take rates, signaling potential trouble ahead for Coinbase’s profitability.

The Emotional Drive Behind Crypto Investments

The conversation with Dolev also touched on the emotional aspect of investing in cryptocurrencies and related stocks. He notes, “There’s something emotional about Bitcoin and crypto. I can’t really explain it.” This emotional investment has led to a polarized view among analysts and investors, with some overlooking the underlying facts that Dolev believes are critical to understanding the market’s future direction.

A Broad Skepticism of the Crypto Market’s Foundations

Expressing a broader skepticism about the cryptocurrency space, Dolev questions the entire premise of digital currencies and their utility. “I personally, my own personal views, I think the whole thing is silly,” he remarks, challenging the market’s enthusiasm for tokens and the perceived value of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Competition and the Future of Crypto Trading Platforms

Looking ahead, Dolev sees increasing competition and shifting investor preferences as significant challenges for Coinbase. He points out that “Competition is getting harder. All the inflows are going to Fidelity,” suggesting that Coinbase may struggle to maintain its market share amid changing dynamics.

Robinhood: A Preferred Platform for the Next Generation

Despite his critical stance on cryptocurrencies, Dolev acknowledges the appeal of platforms like Robinhood to younger investors. He believes that Robinhood’s user-friendly interface and global expansion make it a more attractive option for trading cryptocurrencies and ETFs compared to Coinbase. “It’s the quintessential trading platform for young people… They’re going to say, ‘Hey, I want to trade,'” Dolev explains, highlighting the platform’s potential to capture the next generation of investors.

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