Imagine using technology to swipe right on over 5,000 women on Tinder, searching for that elusive spark. Sounds like an algorithmic quest for love, right? Well, for Russian AI developer Alexander Zhadan, it became a surprisingly life-changing experiment, leading him not just to his soulmate, Karina Imranovna, but also to unexpected insights about love and connection in the digital age.

After a failed relationship left him disillusioned with traditional dating, Zhadan decided to take matters into his own hands – with the help of AI, of course. In 2022, he started with a basic script, his “Version 1,” that swiped right based on his defined criteria (think: two or more photos, because apparently, first impressions matter in the digital world). It wasn’t perfect – sometimes forgetting information or struggling with natural conversation – but it helped him connect with potential matches on Tinder.

However, Zhadan, ever the innovator, craved more. Enter “Version 2,” powered by the mighty ChatGPT. This AI dynamo brought on the big guns: photo recognition to filter out zodiac sign dealbreakers (yes, some preferences are algorithm-proof!) and, let’s just say, NSFW content. It even segmented messages, muted annoying chatters, and, most impressively, learned to mimic Zhadan’s own writing style. Imagine an AI writing your pick-up lines – talk about a smooth-talking bot!

But even the most advanced algorithms can’t predict the messy realities of the human heart. The bot occasionally went rogue, promising dates nonexistent flowers or double-booking him (can you imagine the awkwardness?). It was a stark reminder that while AI could streamline the process, the real spark comes from something beyond ones and zeroes.

So, Zhadan shifted gears, focusing on just four potential partners. It was then that he met Karina. The connection was undeniable, and this time, the AI took a backseat. He built “Version 3” specifically for her, but not to automate their romance. Instead, it acted as a communication bridge, helping them stay connected during busy schedules and offering advice on navigating their conversations. Think of it as a digital relationship assistant, minus the cheesy jokes.

But wait, there’s more! In a truly mind-blowing twist, ChatGPT itself, after analyzing their conversations, suggested Zhadan pop the question to Karina! And guess what? He did, proposing during a romantic trip to Macau, thanks to some AI-powered planning assistance. They’re set to tie the knot in August 2024, proving that love can truly blossom in the most unexpected places, even with a little help from the algorithm.

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Zhadan’s story is like a shot of espresso to the world of online dating. It sparks debates about the role of AI in love and relationships, pushing us to question what constitutes genuine connection in a digitally driven world. Was it love, or an optimized match made in silicon heaven? The answer, perhaps, lies somewhere in between. But one thing’s for sure: it’s a fascinating glimpse into how technology is transforming even the most personal aspects of our lives.

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